Mole catching traps and pest control products

At The Flat Pack we specialise in the manufacture of Stainless steel tunnel mole traps and Putange type traps. We now stock genuine Talpex claw mole traps, replacement garage door springs and chimney guards.

Stainless Steel Tunnel Trap
Traps and Mole Catching Supplies, (click photo to shop)

About Us

Around 12 years ago, after problems sourcing good quality mole traps for our own use and a conversation in the pub, Chris decided to have a go at making a few samples one weekend. He made 50 traps, gave 25 to a friend, used 5 on in our field and the remainder went on Ebay. We now sell our mole catching supplies to pest controllers, game keepers and farmers in this country and all over the world.

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