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Frequently Asked Questions

Moles can very quickly create havoc in a garden, croft or field, travelling large distances in a day looking for food. Moles are solitary animals and will have a territory of up to 1 acre.

Often there will be a main run which may have been in use for a long time. If you can find it, this is the best place to place a trap. Main runs often follow a wall or fence line and will usually run from a nest which may be under a shrub or tree.

Apart from the trap, you will need:

  • A narrow spade
  • A trowel
  • A thin probe (a long screwdriver works well).
  • Something to smooth the floor of the tunnel (handle of the mole run probe) or garden tool is ideal.
  • A trap marker, or small stick so you can find your trap again!

Traps must be checked at least every 24 hours, more frequently if possible. Always remove traps if they are not going to be regularly checked or if they are no longer required.

Mole traps should be placed in the main run. Mole hills are generally only the diameter of a golf ball and are usually connected to main runs via side tunnels, which branch off the main run.

Take some time to stand back and look for what might be older more frequently used main runs. Using the probe or cane, prod between the molehills, a few inches apart each time until you feel the probe “give” – you have found the run.

We wear gloves when using the traps to enable more effective handling when setting the traps and to protect our hands from getting cold and dirty! Gloves also help to protect your hands if it accidentally goes off in your hand.

No, the tunnel traps should be ready to use straight out of the box. Occasionally, as you become more experienced you may want to alter and fine tune the traps.

We charge a flat rate delivery charge of £6.83 (plus VAT) on all orders (unless they are small and can go in the post). We use APC next day delivery, the driver will require a signature on delivery unless we receive instructions to leave safe or with a neighbour.

We don’t have a shop but orders can be collected by prior arrangement from the workshop.

The tunnel mole traps and putange type traps are handmade by us, in Yorkshire, using traditional engineering methods.

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